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Kokapstrādes Grupa was formed by merging the woodworking companies located in the sawmill Grantiņi of Madona municipality, Bērzaune region. The sawmill complex has been created on Laimonis Onzula’s farm Latvāņi, founded back in 1994.

Development and Modernisation

Over the years, starting from scratch, Kokapstrādes grupa has created a full process non-waste technology woodworking factory whose slogan is “All from wood.” In the company, while keeping the old traditions the newest technologies are also implemented. For the effective use of wood, next to a simple bandsaw you will also find high-resolution scanners and CNCs – computer numerical control machine tools. The necessary heat for the woodworking processes is produced in a cogeneration plant which at the same time also produces electricity. 



The foundation of the Kokapstrādes grupa are reliable, motivated and capable employees. In manufacturing and associated jobs, 36 professions are represented, by various age groups. The youngest colleague is 18 years old, but, in stature – 72 years. 25 % of the employees are women.
Every year employees participate in training courses organised to further their skills and knowledge.


In the woodworking factory, by processing logs, pine bark for tree mulching, woodchips, glued wood beams for producing windows, slabs for carpenters, wooden windows, doors and carpentry products are produced. Wood waste is recycled as fuel – wood briquettes and pellets.



Our work